NCEM Award

Diva Ladee Chico, NCEM Award Winner Survives, Singing a New Song!

Survivor Claps Back With a Fabulous Trifecta: the Northern California Entertainers Music (NCEM) Award Winner for Best Song; a Hot Summer Line-up; and a New Digital Platform.

Northern California Entertainers Music (NCEM) Award: Veteran Songstress, Diva Ladee Chico, known in California and abroad for her soulful stylings and raucous rhythm and blues, was honored with song of the year, May 26, 2018, at the Northern California Entertainers Music (NCEM) Awards Show. Her winning song, I’m a Survivor, tells of her triumph over adversity and battle against breast cancer. The latter is a cause she has taken up to inspire those, like her, who have been touched by the disease, to fundraise, and to fight for a cure.

Chico’s 2017 NCEM Award

Clapping-Back at a Cure: While at the awards, LadyJaz Simmons II of QLJN interviewed Chico about her win. Chico said, “I’m here. I have shown up to show out!” Her comment speaks to the consistent voice and presence needed to clap-back at complacency and advocate for a cure. Important causes fall silent without the support of our voices. Chico adds, “I try to lend mine through song.” Events like the award show, speaking opportunities, performances, and organized walks and runs keep the public mindful of the fact that we have not yet beat this thing: cancer. Chico hopes that her single, I’m a Survivor, also the title of her CD, speaks to our humanity and the fact that we have all survived something which has led us to become better and stronger—we’re in this together.

The Summer Line-up: Chico is taking her message on the road this summer with a hot line-up of San Francisco Bay Area performances, the first of which will be June 13, 2018 in Redwood City. Details of this performance are on Chico’s website. Her new site is designed to be viewed on any digital platform, smartphone, tablet, or laptop: Mac or PC. It is powered by the leader in content management. Chico said, “The brightly colored images speak to the vitality I’m bringing to my appearances, both musical and otherwise.” Almost ebullient, she said, “It’s a celebration!”

A Digital Platform: Chico takes her platform seriously: the one she uses digitally to get the message out and the one she has created for performing. You can follow her through her website, and receive email notifications of her performances. She’ll offer prizes and merchandise specials from her site too. See Chico’s calendar of events there, her latest news, a gallery of photos, and hook-up with her (from her website) on either Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to access her CD from there with a link to Google Play.

Chico, who is veteran performer, devotes a page of her site to her history in the music business. She pays tribute to a few of the greats with whom she has worked: Ramsey Lewis, Miki Howard, Roy Ayers, Patrice Rushen, Narada Michael Walden, Side Effect, and others; reserving the best for last, a heartwarming memorial and thanks to her beloved and influential parents.

You can contact Diva Ladee Chico via her website: