Grammy Award

Hey ya’ll! There will no doubt be a slew of fantastic photos that will come back with me from the Grammy Award event that will be held in Los Angeles this year, 2019. So, I am saving this page for all that and more! Trophy or not, I already feel like a winner! Stand-by for the big reveal!

Art 4 Peace Award

“Art 4 Peace” is the first ever collective celebration of the arts of every culture from around the world. The purpose of this award is to demonstrate to each nation how vitally important culture is to the whole fabric of our world. I therefore am so blessed to be recognized as part of that fabric by the “Art 4 Peace” organization.

NCEM Award

Northern California Entertainers Music (NCEM) Award Winner Diva Ladee Chico appears with LadyJaz of QLJN for a winning spotlight interview.


Hey ya’ll, I’m nominated for consideration as a recipient of the Grammy Award this year, 2019! And short of advocating for survivors everywhere, this Grammy consideration has left me feeling blessed and thinking pink! So, thank all you out there for showing love, support, and following me.

Just Dropped a CD & Single!

Hey All! I just dropped my CD and it’s titled I’m a Survivor. I also have a single by the same name. Both are fun and inspirational; they speak to ways we overcome adversity and learn to celebrate life.